2002 Chevy Malibu Power Window Troubleshooting

I have a 2002 Chevy Malibu. The passenger rear power window wont go up or down. Other windows are fine. I push the buttons from the rear door and the main control from the drivers door and nothing happens. I don’t hear the window motor or anything going on while I push those buttons. I opened up the door panel and window regulator and motor seem fine. Connectors seem fine also. I need some help with this!!! Thanks!!

You need to do a little troubleshooting here. Replace the passenger rear window switch and see if it operates. Most GM vehicles must have a good window switch before any of the other switches will operate the window. If that doesn’t work then you must remove the inner door panel and check the wiring and window motor to see if they are working. NOTE: most window switches are interchangeable so you could take the switch from the other passenger window for troubleshooting. You have to be very adept at checking the wiring because most of the circuits are either series, parallel or series parallel circuits when dealing with power windows.

As you can see a bad Drivers master switch can cause the other windows not to work.

Update: I did a quick check of the switch. I changed it with a another and still the window is not working. That’s all the time I had today. Atleast we’ve a crossed out a possible problem. The window motor and regulator are a year old. I dont think is that but who knows.


Do you have a multimeter, or at least a test light?

Have you verified that the window motor is not getting power?

On the flip side, you could use that meter or test light to check if the master switch is even sending the signal to the motor