2002 Olds Alero

I own a 2002 Oldsmobile Alero and the blinkers sometimes stop working. Is this a fuse problem or is this an electrical wiring problem? I’d like to get your take on it before I go to a mechanic because they oftentimes overcharge women.

Likely a wiring problem. Fuses do not heal themselves and the don’t often fail without something else failing and causing them to fail.

If your Alero is set up like my Intrigue it is the hazard light switch. Instead of a typical flasher unit the hazard unit incorporates the flasher for turn signals. If your hazard swith is mounted on dash near A/C vents the following can help. Click on and off a few times if signals don’t work. They may come back. Part is about $30 I believe. Not hard to change.

Before spending too much, read your owner’s manual and see if replacing the directional bulbs is within your capabilities. If it is, replace them front and rear.

Your description is exactly how my mom would have desribed the directionals (which she called the “blinkers”) not working properly, and 99% of the time this is a simple bad bulb.

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Thank you! I will investigate!

Thank you! I will investigate!

Thank you! I will investigate!

Thank you! I will investigate! And I’ll call them “Directionals”:slight_smile:

They oftentimes overcharge men too. Let us not be sexist.

This is actually a known Alero problem, along with the window master controls.