Blinkers and Hazards don't work on '00 Subaru Impreza

My blinker indicators and hazards lights are not working. Fuses/relays are OK, bulbs are OK, Flashers (which seem to be the same part as the relays) are OK. What is wrong!? :frowning: Please help, I can’t afford to take it to the dealership or mechanic. Besides, I like fixing my own car. Thanks, Emily

If you didn’t check the main fuse panel under the hood already I suggest you check that for a blown fuse. If there are no bad fuses in either of the fuse panel then I would suspect a connector has come loose, possibly under the dash area.

your post is confusing.

the title says; blinkers AND hazards don’t work. then in the text you say the flashers are OK.

what exactly are you talking about? the flashers are the hazards.

do you hear the blinker/hazard relay clunking when you turn on the blinker?

you mention the fuses are good. have you swapped the tail, stop, turn, fuse with another one? sometimes what LOOKS like a good fuse is actually blown. you could test the fuses, but for about $.05 i just throw in a new one.

the high brake light is involved too. does that have all the bulbs lit when you step on the brake?

Here is a chance to broaden your expertese. If you don’t have a multimeter (DVM), look around at the discount tool stores and buy one. If you think you might be doing more of this, buy a more capable DVM. If you really need to do it on the cheap, buy a test light.

With the meter check for voltage at each step along the way from the power distribution bus, both ends of the fuse, both sides of the flasher unit, the multifunction switch (as the plug), the bulb sockets, and finally the continuity of the bulb filaments. When voltage is found on one side of a unit and not the other, that unit is the problem.

If you have additional questions, get back to us and we’ll guide you along. Electrical troubleshooting can be an exciting puzzle and the failure modes ofter a surprise.

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