02 Impala 3.4L 185.4k: Directional ("Blinker") Light Fix

I just installed a replacement Hazard Switch because the directional “blinker” light stopped working (after only working sporadically for a while). This particular switch is probably made in China. Got it from CarParts.com for $23.80 delivered. Hazards now working normally (with a blink rate of a little better than 1 Hz … just like it used to work). Directional “blinker” lights - however - are also working, but at a very fast rate: probably 3+Hz. Anybody know why this might be? I’m pretty sure the directionals and the Hazards blinked at the same rate with the original switch. Maybe a side-effect of a cheap Chinese switch? I did check both tail lights and they’re working for both Directionals and Hazards, but can’t get over the difference in flash rate between the two. Doesn’t give me a good feeling that this switch will last.

Check and reseat the bulbs. Hazard may not use blinker filament.

I Replaced A Hazard Switch On Our 2001 Impala LS In August 2012 Because The Turn Signals Were Intermittently Inoperative.

I bought a Dorman OE Solutions Switch #924-602 From Advance Auto Parts for $33.99 (53.99 -$20.00 discount) that has a lifetime warranty.

Popped that little beauty in and both the hazards and turn signals have worked like new since then. I can’t speak for your situation, just relaying an anecdote.


Just curious why you replaced the hazard switch, when it was the directionals that were not working? It seems like the way to fix the directional would be to either replace the directional switch, or the directional blinker relay unit.

The Turn Signals Are Run Through The Hazard Switch On These Vehicles. It’s A Fairly Common Reason For Turn Signal Intermittent Operation. See My Post, Above. Also, Google It.

According to the schematic, both the turn signals are fed by the hazard switch. You could jumper out the hazard switch and see if the turn signals work properly. If the switch is the problem, the turn signals should work correctly. You can see there is more to the hazard switch than just a switch. If it senses a change in resitsnce it thinks a bulb is out and blinks fast to warn you. The easiest thing to do is return the cheap switch and buy a OEM switch.

Here is the schematic.