2001 Town & Country - Trouble with Rear Sliding Door/ Back Hatch/ Rear windshield wiper

This is a lot to ask but… have a 2001 Town & Country with 157,000 miles. The driver rear automatic sliding door will not work. You can hear the motor running but it doesn’t totally close…so I open and close manually. I looked in Chrysler service manual…could this be a power latch assembly?? How hard would it be to replace myself (dealer wants $600). The rear hatch is the same way have to manually open/close…can hear motor and it goes through motions but doesn’t open. ??? Then today the rear wiper wouldn’t work…any ideas. Appreciate any help on what I can do myself.


It could be wiring or the power latch. To save yourself money, you could make it manual. Removing the gear will make it slide easily and $600 in your pocket. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTVV8JJElCU

Great tip @knfenimore. I would just add one thing…make sure you remove the power from that door motor by removing the fuse or disconnecting the wiring connector.

Before modding it to get rid of the power option altogether, I would at least clean and lubricate all of the door mechanisms - rollers, hinges, latched, etc. You might just be gummed up is all.