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"power sliding doors not so powerful anymore"

My 2002 honda oddessyee has been having trouble closing shut. Only on the passenger side. Nothing is obstructing it from closing. It gets all the way to the seam and pops back open. We have been reduced to helping it shut from the outside and that is getting old. And it has been fickle about closing from the handle on the outside or the inside. When this happens, the power has to be initiated from the dash button. What can I do to troubleshoot the fix the problem? Anyone know?

I’d first get the manual out and see if it has any instructions for cleaning and lubricating the tracks, sounds like that’s what it needs, but you need to use the right lubricant. The parts department at the Honda dealer might be able to help.

if you used the passenger side the most, then it might just be on it’s way out and needs replaced; the car IS 9 years old after all.

In addition to cleaning and lubing the tracks, you might also get an eraser and rub the electrical contacts on the door and door jamb. that will take off any corrosion that collected over the years and resore the copper conductor surfaces.

thanks jtsanders. I did read that on another discussion page…haven’t tried that yet. Let you know how it turns out.