2002 Jeep Wrangler - Won't start

I own a 2002Jeep Wrangler Sport that all of a sudden will not start. Took it to a mechanic who had it for 7 days…Put a new fuel pump and cam shaft sensor and crankshaft position sensor and six new plugs but it still won’t start. Had no problems with it until I drove to a 10 minute oil change shop for oil change and state safety inspection and it would not start so we wheeled it to a drive way next door and had it towed to my regular mechanic wherethe repair work was done over a seven day period. He could not get it to start either so the Jeep was towed back to my house where it sits in my driveway right now.The Jeep has 151000 miles and is a 4.0liter inline six cylinder engine. I plan on selling it when and only when I get it running.has anybody got any ideas as to why it won’t start after starting with no issues before now.

Okay, let’s see what you DO have



Fuel pressure?

Does the starter even crank over the engine?

If not, can you bar over the engine manually?

What condition is the battery in?

What about the battery connections and cables?

Fault codes . . . even if they’re stored, please post any codes you’re aware of

Has anybody even bothered to check if the oil change place perhaps broke or disconnected something while they had the car?


If your “mechanic” cannot figure out why it won’t start after 7 days you need a new mechanic.


Based on the parts replaced, I’m assuming it cranks ok – that rrr rrrr rrrr sound with key in “start” – but the engine won’t catch and run. The usual reasons are either a spark problem or a fuel problem. The first step is determine which of those it is. Do you or mechanic know? Until that is known, it will be nearly impossible to make progress toward a solution.

I’m presuming the check engine light is not on, and there are no diagnostic does present. If there are any diagnostic codes, as a first step, suggest to post them here.

Common spark problem causes

  • Battery/charging system
  • ignition module
  • coil(s)
  • engine grounding
  • crank position sensor

Common fuel system causes

  • fuel pump
  • fuel filter
  • fuel pressure regulation
  • injector’s electrical pulsing

The engine control module is associated with both spark and fuel, but would only rarely be the cause of this problem. Since the symptoms occurred immediately after oil/filter change, make sure oil level is correct on dipstick, and there’s no electrical connectors that look disturbed or dislodged in the oil filter access area. Best of luck, seems frustrating. Quickest solution is probably to take it to a dealership shop or well-recommended and experienced inde Jeep/Chrysler-specialist mechanic.

Just before this happened, you didn’t use your Jeep to jump start another car, or obtain a jump start from another car, right?