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1992 Wrangler Won't Start

Have a 1992 Jeep Wrangler with 246K miles. 4.0L (6 cyl), manual. On a trip, ran ~150 miles, filled tank w/about 9 gallons of gas, tried to start car and would not start. Have in w/ mechanic now. Good compression on all cylinders, good spark, distributor and rotor are good, engine turns when trying to start, solenoid coil good, catalytic convertor not plugged, good air intake, fuel pump good. Don’t believe it was bas gas as ~15 other cars filled at the same pump after me and had no issues. The mechanic refers to fuel injectors as having a lot of fuel going to them. He seems to be coming to a loss as to what the problem could be. Need some thoughts or suggestions, because the engine just won’t start. Thanks

Do you smell gas while cranking the engine over? If not the injectors aren’t firing. And when the injectors don’t fire it usually means the crankshaft position sensor on the bell housing of the transmission has failed.


Hi Tester, Thanks for your prompt reply.

I haven’t noted the smell of gas while cranking the engine. I know that some of the senors were checked, but will check to see if the crankshaft position sensor is still good.

Would that sensor just quit or is it something that has been on its way out? I didn’t get any trouble lights on the dash indicating an engine problem.

Yes. The crankshaft position sensor can just fail. The wifes Jeep crankshaft position sensor failed leaving her stranded. Had to have it towed to the shop so it could be replaced.