Jeep Wrangler wont start

i recently took my 1991 jeep wrangler to a jeep dealership to take advantage of a free oil change. it has 130k miles, well maintained, fuel injected, no problems. while there they corrected the recalled parking brake and fuel gauge sending unit gasket. after picking the jeep up and taking it home i immediately started experiencing trouble getting the jeep to start. it will attempt to turn over but not start. will do this until eventually the battery will die. hook up the cables and continue to try and eventually it starts. took it back to dealer, they checked fuel pressure and said normal (31psi) and could not find a problem at all. they cleaned the throttle body just in case. picked up car and after one good start, it is doing the same thing. i have never had problems with jeep. have had it since 40 k miles. any insight is appreciated.

Check to see if there is spark getting to the plugs. You could also see if spraying some starter fluid into the intake helps it fire up.

As Cougar suggested, don't assume it is fuel, it may well be spark.  However it is possible that when replacing that gasket they caused some problems.