Won't Start

1997 Jeep Wrangler won’t start after replacing alternator, battery, plugs, wires, distributor, ect. It cranks but won’t start had a computer on it stated Cylinder 4 misfire HELP

You will have to go back to basic troubleshooting. Do you have spark at #1 spark plug? Is the spark at #1 occuring at approximately the right timing? If spark is present, does a shot of starting fluid get the engine to at least catch? Are the injectors clicking?

Give us something to work on and we can help you.

There is no spark in any of the spark plugs tried starting fluid and also gasoline .

Starting fluid & gasoline won’t give you spark. Get a spare spark plug or a spark tester & test for spark.

Go back to the beginning - was the Jeep not starting so all of this stuff was replaced, and now its still not starting? Is that the story? Was this cyl 4 misfire there before all of these parts were replaced or only since?

the jeep was just bought from a private seller he said he replaced the alternator and battery because it overcharged after that it wouldn’t start

What led the former owner to conclude the alternator was overcharging? did he say how high it got?

No he didn’t say he just said it was overcharging so he changed the battery and alternator and thats when the real problem started it won’t start

We now replaced the crank position sensor and it still won’t start could it be the engine computer got fried when it overcharged?