Trouble starting 95 Jeep Wrangler


Three months ago I began having trouble starting my 95 Jeep Wrangler (135,000 miles, 4cl, manual). Initially I only had trouble starting it (it would turn over, but not start up)in the morning and after it rained. The Jeep would usually have no trouble starting back up after it had been running awhile and warmed up. But 2 months ago, it wouldnt start at all. It would turn over still but not catch and start up. Took it to a shop and was told it was the fuel pump. After paying 500, it still had the same problem. They towed it back to the shop and told me it had a burnt wire and it fried the ECM and it’d be $650. Now I have to deciede what to do. Any advice you may have would be greatly appreciated as I cant afford to pay for another part that doesnt work. Thanks for your help