2002 Honda Odyssey cruise control quit working

Cruise control quit working

Fuse is OK

Have you checked if all the brake lights work?


Or checked to see if the brake lights are always on?

Any check engine or ABS lights on?

I guess you need to get that fixed.

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Thanks and no, I’ve only checked the two main ones. Perhaps the small one on the back door is not working. Would that effect the cruise control?

No. Neither is on. Thanks.

Yes, when you press the brake pedal it activates the brake switch. This tells the cruise control to turn off. If the switch is stuck on your brake lights will remain on and the cruise control will not work because it has a continuous signal to turn off.

And the brake lights would remain on when the car is shut off and the key is removed because that circuit is hot all the time.

Just like the headlight circuit.

And that would drain the battery over night.



That was the case, but my mechanic fixed the plunger thing under the brake pedal And now the two main brake lights come on only when the brake pedal is pushed and then turn off when the pedal is released. The third brake light above the hatch seems to be burned out.