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2000 Neon Cruise Control

I have a 2000 Dodge Neon, and the cruise control is going out. It has a dash indicator, and it’s getting to where I can turn the cruise on, and as soon as I try to set a speed, it shuts off. Any suggestions?

Check and see if there’s a brake light out.


okay i checked, no brake lights out. i imagine you’re probably getting a good laugh. :wink: any SERIOUS answers, folks?

Actually, that is a serious answer. Since the cruise control uses the brake switch to tell it when to disengage, if there’s a light out it may mistakenly think the brakes are being engaged, thus turning off immediately.

Does the cruise indicator turn off, or does the cruise control simply disengage when this happens?

That was a serious answer, a burnt out brake light can cause all kinds of problems with the cruise control.

The next thing that may giving a problem is the switch for the lights on the brake pedal.

oh that makes sense! haha sorry tester. i wish i had a brake light out, though, that would have fixed the problem. the cruise indicator shuts off completely, and i can’t turn it back on until the next time i’m driving the car. and then the whole song and dance starts over again.