2001 Suburban Parking Brake

How do I adjust the parking brake on my 2001 Suburban? It is a 2wd 1500 model. Thanks.

There should be an adjuster under the dash or under the truck.

Before trying to adjust the parking brake, make sure that the rear brakes (I’m assuming they’re drum) are adjusted properly. A lot of times, all t takes is a few clicks on the starwheel, and VOILA!, the parking brake holds fine.

The 2001 Suburban has rear disc brakes with a mini-drum style parking brake under the hat of the rear brake rotors. If your parking brake is not working, you need to first check to make sure the shoes haven’t fallen apart (a very common problem). If the shoes and friction surfaces inside the hat of the rotors are okay, there is a star wheel on each side that can be adjusted to bring the shoes closer so they hold better. You should also inspect the parking brake cables while you’re under there. If there is excess slack in the cables, there is an adjuster located where they branch off to the rear wheels.