Dodge Caravan Parking Brake

The parking brake worked great on my 2001 Grand Caravan until yesterday when I replaced the shoes on the rear drums. According to what I’ve read the parking brake should adjust automatically when it is engaged for the first time after the shoes are replaced; it does not. I even put some slack in the cables at the equalizer, just as the instruction said, when I adjusted the shoes back off of the drums. I believe the rear brakes are working fine but would like to have the parking brake back. Any ideas?

Remove the drums and adjust the brake shoes out to where the brake drums just barely touch the shoes when they’re reinstalled. Now back the vehicle up while pumping the brake pedal. This will automatically adjust the rear brakes.


back up and apply them. several times. you hear the click click click of them ratcheting each time you back up and brake. they only ratchet one or two clicks each time, so yo may have to brake five, ten times to snug them up.

I thought that would work too, just like it did on some of the cars I’ve had in the past but it didn’t. The shoes are adjusted so they just barely interfere with the drums. I baffled, however I’m just a weekend machanic…

Since both you and Tester have given me the same advice I will give it another shot tonight. Thanks.

apply the EBRAKE when backing up. turn the radio off, and listen for the click

I used the ebrake last night while backing up and it seemed to work. After about ten cycles it held the van in place very well on my steep driveway and well when I put in in gear. I ran a quick errand but when I got back it it did not hold. I ran through a few more ebrake/reverse cycles with less success. The ice cream was melting and I was impatient so I had to abandon further attempts. I haven’t given up yet and will give it another shot tonight.