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Parking brake on a 2001 Chevy pickup

I have owned a 2001 Chevy pickup since it was new and the parking brake has always been one of those that went all the way to the floor. I took it to the dealer many times and they said it was normal. They took up all the adjustment and said it is fine as long as it holds. Well it doesn’t hold well anymore. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this and get a nice stiff park brake?

Find a local independent mechanic. They should be able to take a look and determine what is needed. Just another case of the dealer not knowing everything.

Parking brakes are pretty straightforward mechanisms. Have that independent you find check the cable tensioning adjustment on the floor pedal and then pull the rear wheel and check the tension on the brake cable and adjuster there.

If all the adjustment has been taken up and the rear brake shoes and drum are in decent shape, the cables are probably stretched too far and need to be replaced. It is not hard to do, but does require the dis-assembly of the rear brakes. Access to a lift can help a lot, since the cables stretch from the front of the cab to the rear axle.