2001 Solara Convertible - Small Roof/Window Leak

My Solara has a slight drip-type leak, by both drivers side and passenger side window, almost as if the seal has gone bad. I don’t even know a strategy to approach this. My only thought was to replace the spongy type strip that runs along the door frame, hopefully that isn’t too hard or expensive. Is there any strategy or site on how to approach this? It doesn’t leak consistently, and I also notice that it dispenses more water when I accelerate from a full stop during my drive, almost as if water is pooling somewhere and during acceleration dumps out the residual. Also if anybody knows where I can track down those weatherstripping pieces, please pass that along as well. I’ve been googling around, but sometimes it’s easier if you know the part number or what it’s called before you search, and I know neither.

You should check with a Toyota parts dept. Often these are custom cut pieces. Clean the window edge completely. Clean the sealing weather stripping, I’d use rubbing alcohol. Then rub some spray silicone onto the weather stripping using a clean cloth.

If the weather stripping is OK, you might have a body shop check the door and therefore window alignment. It might be possible to adjust the door for a tighter fit. If the door is sagging a bit on the hinge that will create this problem but might be a more complicated fix.