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2002 Solara Convertible - Rear Window Separating from Top

I have a 2002 toyota solara convertible with a rear glass window that is now beginning to seperate from the convertible top. Can I simply re-glue it back on - or - should I get a professional to do it ? Who should I take it too ? Toyota or a glass repair company ?

Check your local telephone directory for a shop that does auto upholstery and convertible top work.

They’re the people you need to talk to.

I agree with MC. You want someone who knows what they are doing for this one.

BTW I would not want to put too much into that top. We are talking about a seven year old top. How much time do you think it has left before you are going to need a new one?

Likely you are close to needing a new one now. It might be a good time to replace it. Yea, it cost a lot more. You can stretch out the life of the current one for a lot less, but if you keep that car very long, you are going to end up replacing the top sometime anyway. So why not replace it now and you should not need to replace or repair it again.

Plan one: Pay for a repair now and a new top in say two years.
Plan two: Pay for a new top now and never need to do a repair.

Plan two cost less overall unless you are going to keep that car another 6-8 years.