Sun Roof

Hello. I have a 2002 Toyota Rav4. I love my car. I do not want to get rid of it. I have a sun roof that’s been leaking rain for a long time, probably 5+ years. I haven’t gotten it fixed because I have gotten so many different opinions and prices on how to fix it. The first (Toyota dealership) told me they could not simply replace the rubber seal they needed to replace the entire window as well costing $1200 at least. The next mechanic told me, “No problem we’ll replace it for $200.” Who do I believe? I still want to keep my car. Can someone please offer advise on who I should trust and a reasonable price to expect?

Thank you!

I know nothing of RAV4s, but in general, the seal around the sunroof is not a water-tight seal. This is not a submarine. When a sunroof leaks water into the car, it is not because the seal has failed, it is because the drain from the sunroof cavity is plugged up. Find the drain and poke a wire or blow compressed air down it. Hopefully you efforts won’t dislodge the drain hose from the drain hole in the sunroof cassette. If you knew where the hose exits the bottom of the car, it would be safer to blow or poke the wire up from the bottom. The drains used to go down a pillar between the side windows or at the corner of the windshield, but these days there are air bags in every available pillar so I don’t know where they run it.

While you are waiting to get permission to fix your leaky roof, water is comming in, not only on the interior where you can see, but other places as well that you can’t see by the headliner. Don’t be surprised if at a later date, rust bubbles start to appear elsewhere above the belt line. You may encourage more leaks later by waiting. Get leaks fixed ASAP. I have seen electic problems in the dash and elsewhere affected by roof and window leaks over time as well. Give yourself a good " dope slap" for waiting so long.;=) Let’s hope you do it soon and water damage is restricted …which it may not be. In the immortal words of @manolito, it ain’t no submarine. You don’t know the ultimate cost until it’s disassembled and inspected and dealerships often give you the worse case, most profitable for them, solution.