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Water leaking into my catera

Hi. I own a 2001 Cadillac Catera. During rainstorms, water mysteriously leaks into the floor of the car, while it is not even moving creating a puddle on the passenger side of the car. There is no apparent leak in the sunroof, and the door seals appear to be in tact.

Do the hose test (you are inside with a flashlight and a helper uses a garden hose to approxmiate rainfall) sunroof drains are my WAG but don’t let that distract you from making a through check.

Thank you for your WAG. I did not see any dripping from the sunroof on the interior. So I thought that it was possible that a sunroof drain is either clogged or misdirected to the interior somehow. Do you know where the sunroof drains run or terminate? Are there drains coming from the hood or the trunk (which is dry)? I will try the hose test. Thanks again. I’ll post my findings.

Sunroof drains usually run down the post between the front and rear doors.

Another thing to check is the drains at the bottoms of the doors. Like the sunroof, the window seals are not water tight. The water that gets past them has to drain out the bottoms of the doors. Move the door to see if water sloshes around inside it.