Leaky sunroof

I have a 1999 Toyota 4Runner and everytime it rains it leaks I get water in my cup holders. Do I need to bring it to a mechanic or is this something I could fix myself? I am halfway decent when it comes to fixing things but don’t have a lot of tools.

If the sunroof is leaking, check the corner drains. These can be cleaned with the same line the weed-whackers use.

do I get to the drains when it’s open?

You should see them in the four corners.

Take a garden hose and spray around your sunroof to see exactly where the water is coming in at. I’ve used a clear silicone sealant on the exterior of the car to fix this problem on my sons car. Does your sunroof open and closes? If so then your seal may be shot. you can still try the sealant trick.

The sunroof opens and closes and I can’t tell where it is coming in from. I found the drains and ran a piece of weedwacker line down it and it seemed clear. Does anyone know what is a good website to get cheap parts for seals and stuff like that?