2001 honda civc - lock & lights flash and beeping


i have a 2001 honda civic. when you press the lock key on the remote it used to beep and the lights used to flash a couple of times. i once took to pep boys for oil change and when i got the car back it would not beep or flash when i press the lock button on the remote. i asked him what they did and they had no clue.

i beleve there is a code that you can program to make it owrk. now when i press the lock or unlock buttton it still locks and unlocks but not flash and beep.

can anybody tell me how to set the flash and beep.

“i asked him what they did and they had no clue.”

That is not unusual, simply because the staff at most Pep Boys facilities have no clue about anything more substantive than changing tires. No, I am not kidding.

You should be getting your car serviced by either a competent independent mechanic’s shop or by the dealership, whichever is more convenient and is a better value. Chain operations like Pep Boys, Jiffy Lube, Midas, Meineke, Monro, Sears, AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, etc should be avoided due to their habits of recommending un-needed maintenance and repair procedures and for doing sub-standard work.

Now, to the problem at hand. All modern security systems can be programmed for “sound or no sound/flash or no flash”, and this is done by a unique combination of button pushing that differs from one make of car to another. I could tell you the procedure for a Subaru, but I cannot tell you the specifics for a Honda.

However, I can guarantee that the Honda Owner’s Manual will have these instructions, as well as information about virtually every other system on your car. If you take that manual out of the glove compartment, it will give you some very helpful information. If you don’t have an Owner’s Manual, I suggest that you obtain one. E-bay is a good source.

Hi ,
Well that is the best part the oweners manual does not have any thing and i have taken it to the honda dealership and checked with the techs there and they too have no clue as to how that is done which is strnage since they should know eveything about honda cars. well. anyway i know it is akey combination but have not been able to figure it out and i have searched the internet and no luck so far have tried various options listed buy no luck so was hoping somebody would reply who have faced the same issue

Thank you! Your car no longer makes noise when it locks, and millions of us thank you for that. We don’t like listening to the “beep” that accompanies the lock of a car. As long as it’s locking and unlocking, go on your way and be happy.

I find it extremely annoying that vehicles have to make noises to tell their owners they’re locked or unlocked. Our environment is noisy enough. Any noise we can eliminate is a good thing.

I programmed my car to flash its lights only when locking and unlocking. No Horn.

I want to thank the technicians at Pep Boys for silencing your alarm. Even if it was “accidental.”

Against my better judgement, I’m going to suggest your owner’s manual may have instructions for making the car “beep” again.

Please consider; flashing lights may be sufficient to tell you the alarm is set. Do you really need the beep?

Actually it does not flash too. if it flashes then i am fine since i would know if it has locked. i am ok if it beeps too.