2016 Honda Civic unexplained beep

The car is parked in the garage and turned off. While upstairs, I will hear a loud beep (not a horn sound). About every 20 minutes or so, I hear it again. When I go to check on car, nothing is out of the ordinary (no lights or sounds). This may or may not be related to the battery being dead some mornings. This has been going on for over a year. Any ideas?

You could start pulling fuses and see if one of them stops the issue.

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Any aftermarket electronics equipment installed on the car?
Alarm? Immobilizer? Radio?
Did you buy it as a first owner or used?
Any accidents?

Are you sure it’s the car and not something else in the garage (smoke detector)? A video might help. The car shouldn’t be producing any beeps.

The only beep I could think of is the auto lock system.If the driver door is left unlocked it will lock itself after a few minutes if you are not in the car.Yours probably beeps when its locking the doors.My 2012 Corolla does that.

OK, I think this is resolved. First off, there is no aftermarket equipment (alarm, immobilizer or radio) installed. My Mom is the first owner and no accidents. I am sure the sound is not coming from elsewhere in the garage. There is a beep when the car is locked but that sound is expected. I took the car to Honda to have the battery tested. While there I discussed with a tech and he believes the errant beep was a low battery indicator. He then said the magic phrase “…many of my older customers report the same issue.”. My Mom is 90. Turns out older people may not drive as much. In addition, they do not lock the car when in the garage. They may also leave the keys close to the vehicle. These actions cause the vehicle to either check for the closeness of the key or to be in a state of readiness (expecting to be started soon). This uses battery power. The battery is approaching 4 years in use so I had them replace it. Now two days after, I am happy to report no unexpected beeps. I checked the owners manual and there is no reference to this low battery indicator. Thanks to those who responded and hope this helps others.


Thank You for the update!

Oh, and my Mom is now locking the car when it is in the garage. She, and others, have made the comment that we never used to have to do this with other cars. The response to this is that things are different now and you need to lock the car. Locking and unlocking is touch activated so that took some getting used to for my Mom. All is good now.

My Accord user manual has a paragraph explaining this particular scenario and why not to do that :slight_smile:
I ended up putting a key hanger on the garage entrance from the main house area - they are always in one spot and easy to find… happened after my cats used key as a toy and threw it under the coach, which I found in the morning, trying to get to work, it was fun 10 minutes to locate them :slight_smile:
Great you found your issue!
Thanks for posting back!

You have to get the key fob away from the car far enough so it doesn’t sense it’s nearby. Set up a place for Mom to put her key fob every time she puts the car away. If she just leaves it in her purse that’s probably good enough because I haven’t met a woman yet who leaves her purse in the car or the garage.