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2000 Honda Civic Auto Lock Problem

My car locks have started acting funny. I can’t lock my doors with the inside switch, however that switch will unlock the locks. If I manually push the actual lock down all the locks go down like they should. I can also lock my car with the key from the outside. Actually, another small issue came up at about the same time. If I am in my car and parked listening to the radio and turn off the engine but still want to listen to the radio, the “key is in the ignition” beep starts…even though the door is still closed. What could all of this be telling me?

The switch on the door that controls the locks might be only work in one direction, unlock. The cure would be to replace the switch. As for the beeping as if the door is open, there is a button in the door frame that the door pushes down every time you close the door. If the switch is dislodged or not functioning properly that could be your problem.

What it is telling you is that the door open switch inside the door is stuck or otherwise has a problem making the lock controller and the key beeper think that the driver’s door is always open.