2001 Ford Focus 4Dr Electric Window Mechanics

I am having trouble operating the front passenger’s window from the main window panel on the driver’s door. Yes, the window lock is off; also,the two rear passenger windows operate normally from the driver’s panel. All three passenger windows operate normally from their respective door panels and the same goes for the driver’s window.

Any ideas?


last one i did was the door switch try one from a junk yard

Yeah, power to all the window switches comes from the drivers door switch.

I agree, it sounds like the drivers switch is the culprit.

Thanks jaguar jon and 87 Ranger for your immediate replies to my problem. I was hoping that it would be a matter of spraying a bit of WD40 in the right place. However, I’m sure you’re right about the problem; I’ll get on it right away.

Thanks again.


Good luck with it.