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Power window help

Passengers cannot control the windows they cannot power them up or power them down driver side only works for All 4 windows please tell me what it could be thank you

Check to make sure the other windows aren’t locked. There’s a button or switch by the drivers side window controls to remove passenger control of the windows (so my young children don’t blow out the motors using them continuously…)


Did you check all the fuses?

You 100% need a circuit diagram.

Trace all connections from main module to back windows, check if you are getting power on the back switches, power is coming to the window motor (since the main switch opens all windows) , so its a wire or connector thats not allowing power to get to the back door switches.

More than likely the problem is with the drivers door master switch.

All the other windows power is supplied thru the drivers door master switch.


All good answers. Allow me to add another possibility that I learned the hard way.
The power windows on my car are controlled through the Body Control Module, and after I put a new battery in some years back I had to “reinitialize” the program. It was a simple process, done by operating the windows IAW a specific procedure. If you’ve changed your battery recently, I offer this insight as a possibility to check out.