Power window problem



I can work the passenger window from it’s own button but not from the drivers side. 91 Aerostar. Anyone come across this problem ? Which door should I take apart first ? Thanks


Sounds like the drivers switch assembly is bad. It you can get to the back of the switch, you can operate the window by bypassing the switch contacts with a jumpber wire and see if you can get it to work. If so, you have a bad drivers swtich assembly.


Another area to check is the wiring harness that runs between the drivers door and the door jamb. If you look in the hinge area of the door you’ll a rubber bellows where the wiring harness runs inside.

Because your vehicle is a 91, and the drivers door is used the most, over time the wires in this area can begin to break from the flexing they’re subjected to from opening and closing the door. If the wire from drivers door window master switch has broken for the passenger window, the passenger window won’t function from the drivers master switch.



Hi, I got 2 very good suggestions. Thanks, I appreciate your time and the very good advice. Dave