2001 dodge neon

were can i get a free diagram of the fuse box for a 2001 dodge neon as i had to have the brain replaced and now my power locks don’t work

With a simple meter you could test each fuse. I don’t know your car, but many modern cars require that interface with the computer to do some strange things like lights. It may need some programing to get you going.

Note: This is not bet on it, but it is worth checking out.

Check these fuses for voltage. Some fuses are hot all the time, some go hot when you turn on the key/ignition voltage.

Thank You for your reply but know the thing is were is the fuse box in the car.
And how do i know what fuse is for the power locks.
I t might be in the brain, but want to ck the fuse’s first.
As if i have to go to the dealer he might charge me even though they are the ones that progarm
the brain.

The interior fuse-box, driver side end of dash, have to open the driver door. Did you notice the fuses are numbered 1 through so-on? Acouple of fuses are hot all the time, a couple go hot when you turn on the key, check for voltage. Click the link, see if any plainer?


Chiltons or Haynes manual

Buy one of theses manuals…They are about $20 and have all the info your looking for