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2001 dodge neon cold temp, fuse problem

So this morning I started my car on break to make sure it would start when I get off since the weather is -26 4 hrs later I try to start it it wouldn’t start, so I figured it was the cold since it dropped even colder by the time I got off, I try holding the key turned and tried pressing down on the gas pedal so it would try to kick, but the fuse light, indicator came on, and I stopped tried again the gauges started going up and down rapidly then it made like a dying sound then clicking? Anybody have any ideas as what fuse or something could be causing this or did it just freeze because of how cold it is?

Not sure what you mean by fuse light - see owners manual for description of what the various warning symbols mean. The rapid clicking and non-start are symptoms of a weak battery or poor battery connections. Jump start needed, probably. After that and you get home - don’t turn off the engine until you’re home - if you have electricity and a battery charger, put in on slow overnight charge.

A caution: a discharged battery is subject to freezing - if that has happened it won’t charge until it thaws, if the freezing hasn’t damaged it internally.

This car has a charging , seat belt,check engine and air bag light. If the red light that is square with two little nubs on top was on when you had the car running, check to see if the alternator belt is on the engine.

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Under where my mileage is displaced below the mph gauge it said “Fuse” when I tried cranking it the third time it displayed that and made a slowly dying sound with clicking that followed when it didn’t kick over, its been sitting for over 7 hrs now. It’s supposed to be -15f all day till tomorrow.

It displayed the words “Fuse” where the mileage is usually displayed.

Maybe someone here knows. I don’t. Your manual will probably tell you what this means. In any case, do you have someone to give it a quick look-over and a jump start soon?

I can have my friend or parents help me jump start after getting a ride back there, my car is sitting in my works parking lot.

If the ignition off draw fuse is removed (for storage) the interior lights will be inoperative and “Fuse” warning message will be displayed but first take care of the dead battery, you might consider replacing it since it isn’t reliable.

So if that fuse has not been removed, what does it mean that “fuse” is displayed? Has that fuse blown? If so, why? This might be getting more complicated than just a weak battery.

I agree a new battery might be the solution, or part of one. If a battery is over 4 years old and gives any indication of weakness, I feel entirely OK with replacing it rather than squeeze more out of it.

I wouldn’t trust the display with a dead battery, that could be an erroneous message due to the low voltage.

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So likely the battery is just dead now? I’ve never heard of an “ignition off draw fuse”. Just for information, what is it and what does it do and why would someone pull it for storage?

When it gets this cold though, there are all kinds of strange things that seem to happen along with strange noises. Then they all go away again once it warms up.

Were it mine, I’d get a jump start ASAP, then get it straight home to a charger. In these temps that battery will soon freeze and if not charged or replaced will need to be brought indoors.

During the jump start, be extra cautious (eye protection, etc.) in case the battery bursts.

Yeah, my 1999 Honda was already making weird noises upon startup a few days ago when it was about 5F. I’m letting it sit out this extreme cold and won’t start it until Saturday, when near 30F is expected. The 2007 Town and Country has been OK. When I saw its temp indicator at minus 22F yesterday about 5:30 PM, that was a first!

Starting your car on break was the wrong thing to do, unless you let it run for quite a while. Otherwise you just depleted the battery for the colder start later.


Did a search and they put this fuse in these vehicles to avoid parasitic drainage from assembly plant to point of sale. They would ship the vehicle with out the fuse and it was installed at dealership. It will illuminate when battery is dead or fuse is blown.