Which fuse?

Nissan Sentra SV 2015 – friend’s car. The power outlet (formerly called cigarette lighter) and the lamp for the gear indicator on the shift console are out. The manual I found online does NOT have a list of which fuse powers which items. It only tells me about the two fuse boxes, and says I should look for the info there.

My eyes are weak and it’s cold outside; I don’t want to go peering into the fuse boxes. If one of you has the info available (which box, which fuse) could you please provide it?


I don’t know about Nissans or any foreign cars, but all of my GM vehicles have a fuse/relay schematic/diagram inside the snap-off covers on the boxes that house them. I’d bet that’s what the Nissan manual is referring to in this instance.

Take a cell phone photo of the fuses and relays inside the box and if the cover is completely removable, take all of that inside where it’s warm and take a look, compare the cover and the photo until you understand exactly where that fuse is located. Use a magnifying lens and good lighting if you need it. Then brave the cold and go after it.

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Sheesh! I gotta learn to think like a cell phone camera owner. Actually, the manual says for each fuse box “remove the cover”, so I can do that and take the cover inside for examination.

I just hope we are right about the info being inside the cover.


There are often two fuse boxes, one on the side or bottom of the dashboard and another under the hood. Your owners manual should tell you that, and might have a picture of the fuse box(es).

From what I see there’s two power sockets, and each is on the same circuit, protected with a 20 A fuse, fuse number 15.

Right, two fuse boxes.

George – Thank you! I’ll try to find out if both power outlets are dead. Do you know which box that #15 fuse is in?

Usually things inside the passenger cabin are fused in the inside fuse block. And things outside the cabin are in the outside fuse block. But beware I’m sure there are exceptions.

Thanks, all. Got some unusually nice weather and some free time today. Found the fuse in the inside box. Very hard to grab; manufacturer’s provided fuse puller almost worthless. Yup, the fuse was blown. (I suspect that the “mechanic” who said the problem was not the fuse had never really tested it.) A new fuse brought both power outlets back to life.

In one of the two outlets I also had to re-work the sleeve that makes the ground connection. The little tab that plugs into the ground there had been bent when the owner accidentally pulled out the sleeve, and then bent the tab when pushing the sleeve back in.

I think the console shift indicator light is still out. If confirmed, I’ll start a separate thread.