2000 nissan maxima


just over a year ago, i had my 2000 nissan maxima serviced because of a squeak occurring when braking in reverse. i was told it was the rotors & they needed to be cleaned & resurfaced. about 2 months later, the same problem came back. i took it back to the dealership & they checked it out & said the brakes were fine, but cleaned them again. problem went away for a couple of months, but then came back again. around x-mas/new years, took it back in & they checked it out. resurfaced the rotors again & cleaned them as well. drove the car off the lot & the same problem occurred. i went right back in & had the service manager ride w/ me. they kept the car overnight & re-did the resurfacing. problem went away for about 2 weeks. called them to let them know i was bringing it back again for the same issue. the did the resurfacing again around the end of march. problem was still there when i picked the car up. they told me that “some squeak is normal”. any ideas on what this could be? they cover the resurfacing (i only had to pay the 1st time) but i don’t want them to keep doing this, since this is obviously not the problem.


Well some squeak is not unusual and most people accept it. I would call it normal, but not desirable or universal.

My guess is that since resurfacing seems to fix it for a while that the issue is the interface of the pads and the rotors.  Since it comes back, I would suggest new pads, if it bothers you that much.