Saturn 98 breaks


I own a Saturn (4 doors) and I just recently has the car inspected. The mechanic replaced the beak pads in the front and they also reserved the rotor. Next day when I was driving the car in the way home, I notice a squeaking noise from the front breaks. This noise only happens when you are in traffic and to hardly moving. I have advised the Mechanic and the results was that he could not reproduce the problems and he took all wheels off my car and inspected the breaks and he said the breaks are fine. On my way home that day from work I still can heard the breaks squeaking. I drove the car like that for month and the squeaking got loader when it is raining. Called back the mechanic and advised him that defiantly there is something wrong with the breaks. The conclusion was the rotors were too low to be reserved and they replaced the rotors and the show pads. Believe it or not I still hear the Squeaking ? please advise

Thank you kindly

Hythem Salem


When you said ‘reserved’ I think you meant ‘resurfaced’.

When I have new brake pads installed, I replace the rotors with new ones too.
They don’t cost all that much and the new pads wear in much more evenly.

Todays cars have ‘thin’ rotors to start with, so resurfacing them most times is pointless.

BUT, you say the noise is still there.

Perhaps the wear indicator tab was bent into the rotor and not reset OR you may have a bad wheel bearing instead.


I did my first brake job on my 99 SL2 about a year ago, but no noise like you report. Here is where I learned to do brakes:

There is an S-Series Tech Forum there. If you post in that forum, the people that taught me or helped me may be able to help you. Sometimes troubleshooting is easier with others that may have had the same problem. Good Luck!


Thanks you very much


Thanks for correcting my “typo”, also I want to thank you for your suggestions.