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Brake pads squeaking in reverse

Got new Nissan brake pads out in by my local mechanic. I noticed they squeak a little going slowly in reverse. Any idea why and what I can do? Thanks

Do they squeak only when you apply the brakes in reverse or whenever you move in reverse?

Usually most vehicle repair has 30 day warranty so if you haven’t you should ask the place that did the work if you have a problem.

Were the rotors turned (machined) or replaced? If so, take it back and complain…If not, I’ll give you something to try…

There’s a lot of reason brake pads squeak. I presume you are asking here for ideas what to do other than the obvious one of going back to the shop. On a new install, makes sense to give them some time to bed to the rotor. If after a month say they still squeak what I’d do is remove the pads and sand them and the rotors with some sandpaper to produce some cross-hatching on both surfaces. That has worked for me. Could also try relieving the edges on the pads a bit, so they don’t make 90 degree angles, but are sloped a little.

Yes rotors were cut.

Try to put anti-squeal grease. If the rotors were resurfaced, make sure there’s enough thickness left.

Do they squeak every time you go in reverse or just sometimes?