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Squeeky Brakes 2007 G35

My front brakes squeak in my 2007 G35 under light pedal pressure, after the brakes are warmed up. The dealer has changed the front pads and resurfaced the rotors twice with no luck. The problem comes right back. They are starting to tell me that this is normal, but I don’t think so. Any thoughts?

Thanks much,


Find an independent mechanic and get away from the dealer. Doing the same thing over and over, and expecting different results, is crazy.

If the rotors have been resurfaced twice they’re probably too thin now, and should be replaced.

Properly installed brake pads, with the correct shims and anti-squeal compound, should not make noise.

Unless you have some sort of high-performance or racing brake set-up, a decent mechanic should be able to silence the brakes.