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Sqeaky brakes

What would make brakes sqeak? Especially when car has been sitting awhile. Thanks

Most times it’s an accumulation of rust on the rotors.

How long has the vehicle been sitting? Inside or outside?

Perhaps the brake pad wear tab(s) are touching the rusty rotors.

Just overnight; outside. Do I possibly need new pads, or rotors?

“Do I possibly need new pads, or rotors?”

If all you have is some squeaking when you apply the brakes then probably not. Brakes squeak because the parts vibrate. The vibration is normal. Most brakes are quiet because there are ways to minimize the vibration/noise (e.g. anti-vibration hardware kits; well-placed dabs of grease).

The kind of squeak that says you need new brakes is a squeak that actually goes away when you brake (usually).

That said, any time there is a question about the brakes - better safe than sorry.

Lots of places will do a basic brake inspection for free.

Do the brakes squeak constantly, even after driving the car for a while? Is it a persistent, constant, obnoxious noise? Many brake pads are designed to make constant, embarrassing noises to prompt people to take the car to a shop before they do damage to more components. If you just get a slight noise first thing in the morning, the first time or two you step on the brakes, you may not have a problem. If it bothers you a lot, getting some premium pads installed may help, as could some brake lube applied to key locations. Take it to a reputable brake shop for a brake inspection. Tell them it has been squeaking in the morning. If your pads aren’t worn, they may suggest lubing slides and mounting surfaces and forming a bevel on the leading and trailing edges of the brake pads. If they don’t suggest it, ask them about lubing the slides and hardware and beveling the pads. Most good brake techs will know exactly what you are talking about. This is a cheap and effective way of dealing with a squeak. I have done it countless times, and it usually does work.

Thank all of you for the good advice! Will get them checked just to make sure. Thanks again! I love this forum!