2005 Dodge Neon cruise kicks out

the cruise kickes out every 2-5 miles as if i hit the brake pedal. hit resume and it goes back to where it was. thinking its the brake switch.

The brake switch is the first place I’d check, too.


Do you have a friend who can drive behind you and watch your brake lights?

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Agreed; sounds like a brake switch issue.

I do not know how the switch is set up on these cars but on my cars I’ve seen a rubber pad on the pedal bracket which rests against the plunger on the switch. With age the plunger creates an indention in the pad and the hard rubber does not return to form. This prevents the plunger from retracting all the way.

With non-adjustable switches I’ve sometimes glued a rubber pad into position between the switch plunger and pedal tab. Kind of a backyard fix but it’s cheap, works, and never been a problem.

Already tested out the brake lights they work. But I do not think this switch has anything to do with the brake lights. Its just a switch for the cruise control that the plunger or whatever u want to call it goes out when the pedal is pressed. I could be wrong.

Is it possible for it to be somthing to do with the turn signal’s? I had one that would do the same thing every time I would use the left signal but no problem with the right side.

It trips off when going straight down the road not using a turn signal, but using a turn signal would in turn trip it off cause i would be hitting the brakes to slow down causing the same effect.

I repeat it does not shut off the cruise, it knocks into a like the brakes have been pressed mode, when they have not been, hit resume, back on it goes.

I got the switch today, feeling kinda lazy but will get at it today. Its easy to get at, no dash cover or anything to take apart. Just contortion your body to fit in there.

as lazy as i feel today on this cold cloudy crappy day, easiest thing on a car to do about. twist, pull, unhook wires, install, done. now to test it

At first when I was going to test it out the car would not go out of park. The button to release it did not work. I removed the brake switch and re installed and after some stubbornness it worked and now works normal.

The test. At first it would kick out ever 2-4 miles, then once when i hit resume, it instantly kicked out, i re hit resume and it went for 22 miles until i had to hit the brakes, otherwise it would have gone forever. Next I went less than 5 miles and it kicked out. Then it went for maybe 7 miles until I had to hit the brakes. Overall I went about 50 miles.

Had this happen. If you can’t get help, I’ve diagnosed this before by driving very slow on a non busy road at night. You can see your brake lights come on through the outside mirror. On some cars you can see the third brake light turn on from the rear view mirror.

If the brake switch doesn’t turn out to be the problem, there may be a problem with the clock spring.


Never heard of a clock spring till now. Looks like this is for buttons that run stuff in your steering wheel. I do not have a button on the steering wheel for the cruise but there is a lever on the right side of the wheel.

Thanks for the help everyone. I decided to drop it off at a shop to have them look at it. My guess is its the solenoid or a bad wire, but I do not know.

I found out what the problem was. It was a crankshaft sensor that was starting to go bad. It wasn’t bad enough for the check engine light to go on. After a few more hundred miles it started running poor and the light was on. Changed the sensor and the cruise works great now. I did take it to the shop but after a week they had not looked at it and I picked it up from there. It is a good thing they did not look at it. One they may not have figured it out anyways but if they did would have costed me money and this was a free fix. Changed this stupid little plastic junk 4 yrs ago, was under warranty.