2000 Ford Tauras Keyless Entry Problem



I have a 2000 Ford Tauras. When you click the remote it only unlocks the passenger doors. Even when you use the doors locks it will not unlock or lock the rear doors…

Any ideas??

Email instlouis01@yahoo.com


did it used to unlock all the doors? or is this the way its always been? has this changed?


Do you mean it only unlocks the front doors and not the back? Could that be a child safety lock issue?


It is a little hard to interpret your post since you are mixing terms such as passenger doors and rear doors. But, if I am interpreting your post correctly–that the problem is with the rear doors–then I agree with Mr. Meehan regarding the child locks on the rear doors being the likely source of the problem. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for an explanation of how the child locks function.