Pwr door lock actuators for 2000 taurus wagon


i just bought a 2000 ford taurus wagon.

i had to put car in shop for work and they told me that i needed to replace all of the actuators for the door locks . can i do this myself does anyone have any input


You probably can if you are mechanical, have a place to work, and have a manual, but this makes absolutely no sense. I could see one going out or maybe two, but all of them would have a probability of about .05% unless someone burned them out. What is the problem? Do the door locks not operate? If all of the door locks are inoperative, it is something else rather than the actuators. Either the mechanics are stupid or they are taking you for a ride. Just pass on it and take it somewhere else. Could be just a fuse.


Is the dome light staying on as well? Maybe one of the door switches that tells when the doors are fully closed is not working. If so a little wd40 sprayed up inside the door latch may fix it.


sometimes they work and sometimes not. one of the doors works properly but the other three and the rear hatch dont. sometimes they lock then they wont unlock . if you use the remote only one door works right
inside the car if you use the buttons on the door, sometimes they will operate somtimes not


Aside from possible worn switches to frayed wires you may need to reprogram the power door locking mode. For that, you need an owners manual.

The wiring inside the rubber ‘accordion’ (the wire cover) between the doors and the vehicle body may be broken.
Check for continuity there while opening and partially closing the doors. (to flex the wiring)


i usually trust this mechanic but i am doubting him now. should i take it to ford or can i troubleshoot this myself


i took some time to research it this weekend. there is only one door that isnot working properly with the locks. however i did notice that the remote had a button on it for the rear hatch . im not sure what it does but i think it is supposed to open the rear glass or the rear hatch hands free but if that is what it is, it isnt working either


Sometimes door locks work intermittently if not used constantly as the latches dry and tend to stick.

Try opening the doors/rear hatch with just the key manually and when open, lubricate the latches and try again.

The rear hatch likely just unlocks with the remote.

If you are a little mechanically inclined you can remove the inside door panels and with a voltage or continuity tester, check for power going to the lock actuators. (don’t forget to activate the remote or door switch)