2003 Ford Taurus - Rear Passenger door won't open

Just bought a 2003 Ford Taurus from a local Independent dealer. Can’t get the back passenger door to open. When I try with the door unlocked from either the outside or the inside, the door lock stick comes down and locks itself.

Did some researching and figured it might be the door lock actuator but since I can’t open the door, how am I supposed to take off the panel to work on it? Don’t know how to get the rear seats to fold down so I can try and get the panel off.

Replaced all bad fuses that kept the power locks from working (short in radio, exposed wires), and now they work fine along with my speedometer, dome lights, and power windows – all of which were connected to the same fuse (#16, blue 15A). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Open the door with a Slim Jim or have someone with those skills open the door for you. Then remove the panel and repair the rod & lever latch mechanism…That local independent dealer would the first place to go for help…

What happens when the fuse is removed? Does the door open then?

A shot in the dark,but maybe your car has one of those child safe manual door switches on that door that is in the locked position.

03 Taurus’s do have a child lock. Look for a black switch in the jamb area of the door shell.

He still has the problem in that the child lock would allow opening from the outside but not the inside. He needs to get to that switch …which he can’t.

I’m pretty sure the seat back (upright) just pulls off of clips …the base is probably bolted. The bolts will be accessible after you remove the seat back. I may have that backwards. That may allow you to take the panel off.

The rear seat back folds down with a cloth loop release at the top outer corner. The seat cushion is held in via the conventional fashion. The interior trim panel cannot be removed with the door closed. The way a body shop opens doors in these instances is to break out the outer door handle. A new handle will need to be purchased and painted but it is cheaper than ripping off the trim panel or going through the metal.