Power Locked

I have a 2004 Toyota Camry and it has Great safety features for my Autistic son but,the power locks do NOT open the doors ( except the Driver’s)at all. We can lock all the doors but NOT open the back or passenger doors. We have to crawl in the car & manually open the locks. A possible security issue since the doors lock OK?

Your car is equipped with child-protection locks. Their operation is progammable. To change the settings, read the instructions in your owner’s manual. There may also be an instruction label on the edge of each door.

Ok, I know that there are manual switches & they’re set, I will look to see if there are any other proceedures in the manual under
’child safety’. Thank YOu

I take it you are talking about the operation of the key fob remote. I don’t believe this has anything to do with the childproof lock feature (this is designed to disable the inside door handles on the rear doors to prevent kids from opening the door from the inside).

Are you hitting the “unlock” button twice in rapid succession? This is how you unlock all doors in most cars. As Steve said, this feature may be programmable, so check your owner’s manual.