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Child locks

Four door Ford Ranger has childrens locks on rear doors to keep from being open from inside.Used model has both doors unable to change setting on locks. Cannot open from inside. Any ideas ? Thanks

When child locks are activated, the door must be opened from the outside only.

If the door(s) won’t open to get at the lock(s), you hope a dealer knows the way.

Reiterate: The locks don’t work…doors cannot be opened from inside. From outside OK. But it’s annoying to have to open doors for adults in back seat. Any reason why both locks would not operate properly?

No idea why both locks don’t work.

Are they only mechanical (engaged/disengaged manually) and/or electrically activated?

Perhaps open from outside, remove the door panel to gain access to the lock inside (the door).

What does the Owner’s Manual say about how to disable the child locks (i.e., let the doors be opened from the insde)? Have you tried that?

Were you able to move the child locks which should be located near the door latch on the door?

The levers move freely on both doors but nothing happens when you do. I don’t know if they are electronically controled by the remote door opener or what.

Did you acquire it as a new vehicle or did you buy it used?  With a prior owner, someone might have "fixed" both locks so they could not be operated from the inside and could not be easily changed.

That is a possibility…!

As on my 91 Explorer, rear seat passengers may have been fighting and yanking with those inside handles to the point of bending or damaging the linkage. Rear door internal repair may be needed, check body shops.