1997 Camry Power Window Problem

My '97 Camry’s driver side power window will not go up at times even though it goes down easily. Sometimes, it will go up a little and then stop. A few seconds later if I try to close it again, it will move up a little more and then stop again. Any idea how I can fix this problem? Thank you so much.

The first thing to try is lubricating the window tracks. Spray some silicone on them and see if it helps.

Dear mcparadise, Thank you very much for the tip. The problem seems to have eased up quite a bit but not gone entirely. I hope to try it again tomorrow with the engine running.

More than likely the problem is with a worn window regulator.

When rolling the window down, gravity assists the window in going down. But when rolling the window back up, you are not only fighting the worn window regulator, but also gravity against the weight of the window.


Initially, I thought the silicon spray was going to do the trick. But it did not. What I noticed is that if I give the window regulator a pause for about 30 seconds or so, then it works. Very interesting! It is entirely possible that my window regulator is worn out. Any idea how much it will cost to fix it?

You are probably right. This may very well be the case. Any idea how difficult it is to fix it? How expensive is a window regulator? Thanks for you help. Sambhat1.

My 2000 Corolla has exactly the same symptoms. I have also noticed that if you lower the window only about six inches and raise it again and repeat this several times it stops working until it has rested about thirty seconds then it works again. Did you find the problem with yours? Thanks, Bill

There is a circuit breaker in the power lead for the window circuit. It is most likely tripping due to the excessive motor current due to the extra stain on the motor when trying to move it back up. After the breaker cools down enough it resets and things work again. Replacing the regulator may cost a few hundred dollars to have a shop fix the trouble.

It’s probably the motor wearing out, as did my '96. While it’s not extremely difficult to replace, it’s not exactly easy. Buy a Chilton’s or Haynes manual, or see if you can get the instructions at Autozone.com (you’ll need to register your vehicle, it’s free). Lots depends on your abilities and what’s in your tool chest.

The last time I had a dead power window I just pulled all of the connectors (at switches and motor) and cleaned them really well; cleaned & regreased the regulator; and siliconed the weatherstripping tracks. Not a single problem since.

It’s probably the motor, which is separate from the regulator. Tape the window in the up position. Remove the door liner and disconnect the connector for pwr windows and locks. You can try lubricating it and the see if it helps. Plug the connector back in and try the window. If that does not work, remove the regulator and motor. There should be 3 bolts that hold in the regulator and motor assembly. Remove it and replace the motor.

Thanks for all of your replies and suggestions. I didn’t want to take the door apart without replacement parts on hand and now I know what to look for. Bill