2000 Camry door panel removal

I need instructions for removing the right rear door panel for repairing window regulator

I recommend Haynes service manuals for things like this. The manual will show you where all the fasteners for the door panel are located. Sometimes they’re difficult to find.

Try putting “2000 Camry door panel removal” in Google. I did and got several choices of pages with lots of pictures and diagrams. I used a similar approach to recently replace some door hardware on my 96 Camry, and it was MUCH easier with the pictures of each step than doing it with a manual.

It is fairly easy. Remove any bolts, screws, etc. Purchase a trim panel removal tool, it’s cheap enough. It looks like a 2 tined fork and the tines are very wide. Start at the bottom and use the tool carefully around the plastic retainers and pry them out.