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Removing door panel

How do I remove the drivers door panel on a 2002 town and country ? I have taken off the armrest and power lock screw, prying inward on the bottom of the door panel isn’t releasing any fasteners. The door panel is plastic and I don,t want to break it. The Haynes manual says to pry upward on the door panel. Do they mean before or after you pry the [erimiter clips off ?

Get An Inexpensive Door Panel Clip Tool And This Will Be Easier On You And The Door Panel.
Any DIYer needs one in the tool box.

Here’s a link to click:

I’d put the window all the way down. Pry the clips free around the perimeter. You can find them by feel by sliding the tool around the perimeter between the door and trim panel.

Once all clips are popped and all screws, etcetera are removed (sometimes a speaker has to come out), bring the panel’s bottom out just a little and wiggle and lift the panel to unhook it from the window slot at the top. You may have wires to unhook that go to door switches. Voila!


Could not have said it better.

A more specialized board is a good place to go for info like this. Someone there will know where every screw and clip are.

That Reminds Me. Sometimes Screws Are Hidden Beneath Little Plastic Covers, By Some Manufacturer’s, That Easily Pry Off. They Are Just Snapped Back On, Later.

Should the panel resist your attempt at removal, carefully look for more screws/fasteners.


Thanks everyone.

Welcome. Did It Come Off?

Use a wide blade tool like a stiff putty knife to slip between the door and the panel. Start at a bottom corner and pry the plastic panel out.

I bought some nylon prybars made for door panels and will do it tomorrow.

The door panel is off. The nylon panel removal tools that I bought were useless but my largest Craftsman screwdriver did the trick, removing 4 or 5 fasteners with a single pull. I was just too tentative,didn’t know how much abuse a plastic panel would take.

If you break the little clips that secure the panel, parts stores have replacements…