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2000 Buick LeSabre, where is the airbag module?

I bought a wrecked 2001 LeSabre a while back. It needs some front sheet metal work. Rather than pay salvage yard prices, I bought a “dead” 2000 LeSabre to get all the pieces I need, and to have a few leftr over. I don’t need the airbags for the current project, but have removed them for possible future use. The only problem is I can’t find the module. I have removed both front seats and the carpet. I have not found anything that looks like a module under the seats or on the “hump”. There is no console on this one.

Any idea where the module is hidden?

Have you tried under the dash, behind the glove box?

Well, yeah. In fact we’ve removed the entire dash down to the plastic. Unless the module was previously removed, it’s definitely not located there.

Try checking under the right front seat.

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It appears to be on the “hump.”


The front seats and carpet have been removed for the search:. So has the back seat where the battery is. I’m beginning to think the module may have been removed for scanning by the police or an insurance company investigatin They can tell what was happening 30 seconds before a wreck by reading the airbag’s memory. The only flaw in that theory is I think the bags have to deploy, and the car was rear ended so they didn’t.