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Looking for the Airbag Module on 09 Tahoe

My Service Airbag System light is on and the dealership said it is the Passenger side airbag module. They wnat 500 plus to change it. I want to try to replace it myself but do not know where to find it. Anyone know where find it? They told me the system is arming and disarming (indicator goes out when pax in seat) but the system would not activate in an accident because it would not sense impact. Can anyone help me save 400 dollars and tell me where to find it?


I just did an internet search and my conclusion is that this is not a first time do it yourself project. I could list several reasons why I would have it done and save the paper work as proof but getting sued because I did it wrong is the big one.
Now there are quite a few members on this site that could do that.

Let the dealer replace the air bag.

An air bag for a Tahoe starts at $514.00.



You buy the inflator module from the dealer’s parts counter OR a dealers internet site.

Nope! The module is about $400 ($300 online) and they are charging you $100 to install it.

I call that a bargain for something, if installed wrong, can kill your passenger. I have the ability to install one but I would not.


Specifically, what code/codes did they come up with (I assume they pulled “B” codes)? (Examples: B0071 & B0081)

What indicator light goes out? The one that tells whether or not the passenger seat is occupied and air bag is activated?

Is the “air bag” warning light always “on”?

I think you misunderstood which part needs to be replaced, the passenger airbag does not sense impact or detect a passenger in the seat.

There are many parts in a passive restraint system, if you are going to replace an occupant classification component you will need special equipment to perform the calibration procedure.

I have a B0083 code and swapped the sensors underneath.

CSA: the Pax airbag on and off light works when the seat is occupied. The info display in the instrument cluster is what says service airbag system still. The red indicator that looks like the silhouette of a man in the seatbelt is always on whether there is a body in the Pax seat or not.

i know its not the airbag, the dealer has already diagnosed it to be the accelerometer sensing module.

Has the problem been or is the problem now intermittent? There are several TSBs (GM Technical Service Bulletins) pertaining to diagnosing problems with air bag light illuminations for many GM models, including 2007-2010 Tahoes.

Was any wiring/connectors inspected?

How did they determine it is the module and not a problem with a “module electrical connector,” as described in one bulletin?

Front impact sensor? I replaced one on my car, recently.

Jon, I’m confused. You swapped the front impact sensors (accelerometer sensing modules)?
“I have a B0083 code and swapped the sensors underneath.”

Now you are looking for the Airbag Sensing and Diagnostic Module Replacement?
My information shows it located under the driver’s seat.

The service information says to remove the seat and reposition the carpet to access it. You’ll see the electrical connectors. When replacing, the arrow on the module must point forward.

If you’re installing a new replacement part it needs to be programmed.

Addition: **Inflatable Restraint Side Impact Sensor Module**s are located, one each, behind the door trim panels (and water deflectors under the trim panels). 2 screws hold them into keyhole slots. Take the screws out and slide them to remove.

All standard cautionary and safety practices must be observed when working on the SIR air bag system.

I’m not sure what you’re looking for at this point.

After swapping the sensors under the engine compartment I am still getting the B0083 sensor DTC. It looks like it says the front left sensor is bad but swapping them would have sent a failure to the right side. So at this point I think I am looking for the Diagnostic Module because I am not sure why I would get a Left sensor B0083 DTC on both sensors after swapping them unless the problem was consistent with just the left side regardless of the sensor used.

which would point to the wiring…

I’d make some voltage measurements.

Come on, man! Have you no sense of adventure? No self confidence? No lust for learning? :wink:

If I remove my shoes and socks and count fingers & toes I would quickly run out of digits enumerating all the times I’ve repaired things that I had no business repairing or items that have “No user serviceable parts inside.” :slight_smile:

I’m extremely thrifty and cut from cloth that makes me extremely reluctant to pay anybody for anything I can possibly do myself. Besides, that’s how I learn. Each time I do it I have fewer things that are “not a first time do it yourself project.” I am curious and love to learn.

I’ve invested in tools and manuals, I’ve got a little brain, lots of courage, and will try almost anything pertaining to car repairs. :smile:

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I have an 09 GM Service Manual. It’s for Impala/Monte Carlo, not Tahoe. It shows seven B0083 codes…

B0083 01: Front End Sensor 1 Short to Battery (Left)
B0083 02: Front End Sensor 1 Short to Ground (Left)
B0083 05: Front End Sensor 1 Short to Battery or Open (Left)
B0083 0F: Front End Sensor 1 Erratic (Left)
B0083 39: Front End Sensor 1 Internal Electronic Failure (Left)
B0083 3A: Front End Sensor 1 Incorrect Component Installed (Left)
B0083 71: Front End Sensor 1 Invalid Serial Data Received (Left)

I’d be very tempted to have look at the Airbag Sensing and Diagnostic Module Replacement.
My information shows it located under the driver’s seat.

Check the connections and look for water intrusion/corrosion. One TSB (#09-09-41-005) for 2007-2009 Chevrolet Avalanche, Silverado, Suburban, and Tahoes shows a photo of water/corrosion at the SDM caused by an unseated parking brake cable grommet allowing water entry, resulting in an “Air Bag Light” on.

My manual shows a wiring diagram with lots of wires feeding into the SDM, including front end sensors. In the Impala it’s yellow & a tan/orange wires.

I wonder if one can see anything under there without removing the seat?

my limited view under the D. Seat can see a few cannon plugs that i wiggled and pushed in but no joy. I have a B0083 (00) that means no symptoms detected. That indicates to me it is not the short code but module. Any replies? If I have to remove the seat for a 375$ part, I am better off to let the dealership do it and program it while its there?

I would say Yes, just for the liability issues alone.

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