Air Bag Module 2003 VW Beetle Convertible

My airbag light is on, we got the car serviced and they said it was the airbag module that needs replacing. The part was discontinued last year to my dismay, and I need to get the safety done as soon as possible so I can register the car.
I’ve tried cleaning the yellow plug under the passenger seat, also have thoroughly cleaned the seatbelts. Disconnected and reconnected the battery… Everything but actually replace the part, as I cannot find the part anywhere online or locally.
The part number is 6Q0909605AM001 if anyone can help me with this I’d majorly appreciate it.

You might post this on a VW forum like vwvortex, see if anyone there has some ideas.

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Junk yard, but I don’t know if it’s legal to replace it with a used one. Also tough to check if it works.

Maybe your car is under the national air bag recall. If it is VW will have to install a new air bag with the appropriate module at their cost.

The “you pull it” yards here have a policy that they will not sell used airbag modules under any circumstances. I needed to replace the driver’s airbag module on my 2000 Silverado, because the horn switch did not work. I was lucky enough to find a working used steering wheel and airbag on Ebay, because the junkyards here would not have let me buy one.