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I had a minor accident with a 2001 Buick LeSabre. Since the airbags popped, the other guy’s insurance company was happy to “total” the car. I bought it back, and now have a very cheap car. All of the sheet metal damage was simple bolt on stuff. In fact I was lucky to find a bumper cover, hood, and fender that were the same color. I got a set of intact airbags from the same car. It’s all put together now except for installing the airbag sensor. Well that, and putting the fuse back in… Where do they hide that sensor on a LeSabre? It’s a silver metal box about 4" X 4" and an inch thick. It’s not under the either seat as I was told by the salvage yard. Apparently the guy I talked to was not the guy who took it apart.

IIRC, there is more than one airbag sensor.
One is likely mounted behind the front bumper, and there is probably another one somewhere in the interior.
I think that you really need the factory service manual for this car.

The one I’m told is in the interior is the one I need to find the location of.

You looking for the diagnostic unit, I am not sure where it is. If you do not change this the lamp on the cluster will stat illuminated. You WILL need to change the sensors mounted on the front bumper or the radiator support. They normally are yellow in color.

MG McAnick, Does The LeSabre Have A Center Console ? Floor Shifter ?

I believe you will find it under the console and under the carpeting below it. The carpet should have a slit in it that allows access to it.

It looks like a bit of a project to remove the console. I’m 85 to 90 percent sure that’s where you’ll find it. Moving the seats forward or back as needed should make it a little easier.


Nope, no console. It has divided seats with nothing in between.

Again, there is NO console in this car. It has 40-60 split front seats. Another salvage yard’s computerized part locator says it’s under the console too. I may have to go to the yard and speak directly to the parts puller. HE’LL know. The carpet is very thickly padded. I pulled part of it back, and all I can see on the “hump” is a black plastic duct for the heat and A/C going to the backseat.

Forget the salvage yard, call a dealer and ask them. If they are not under the seats then most likely they are tucked up under the instrument panel.