20 trolls for one discussion?

really? just because I disagreed with shadowfax that I was trolling, he gives me 20 troll votes? silly.

Yes, because you were trolling. Knock it off.

well, I won t return evil for evil. I apologize for offending you , any trolling you perceived was not intentional. I was simply curious about the subject and debating the issue.

Bull. People gave up their time and expertise, for free, to answer your question about snake oil, and no matter how much information they fed you, you kept insisting that they were wrong and had to prove it more extensively even though the burden of proof for a wild claim rests on the claimant - namely you. When they started to call you on your (imo, intentional) troll-esque refusal to accept anything you were shown, you became verbally abusive.

The only reasonable conclusion is that you’re either a troll, or you’re too stupid to comprehend the information given you. Based on your post history and your obvious lack of stupidity in how you write, I chose to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re just trying to get a rise out of us. Feel free to convince me otherwise.

It’s one thing to ask about hydrogen generators. It’s another thing to defend crap science. If you’re not a shill for this shady product, you sure do resemble one.

I said repeatedly that I was not saying you were wrong. I said repeatedly that there were safety and liability issues. I never once advocated using the product. I was simply asking questions. I ve really enjoyed this forum. crap. I d never even used a computer til last may. I was simply curious. you honestly think im some shill? spam? you are mistaken. congratulations, you made me cry.

…aaaaand that’s a wrap