Water conversions kits

I’m hearing a great deal of buzz concerning the idea of supplementing your fuel with some sort of water conversion kit, separating water into it’s gases Hydrogen and water and then somehow combining these gases with your fuel, supposedly better gas mileage, more HP, cleaner burning fuel. Is this a scam or legit?

Scam. Run away fast.

We’ve discussed this in numerous threads.

It makes a good child’s science project. That’s all it can do.

Please leave…this forum is no place for spammers.

It would be a great science project to debunk it both in theory and practice. If I were judging that one would win.

Mike, notice there was no reference to a vender or web site. I don’t think this one was a spammer. If it was it was very poor.

Agreed, this one is innocent curiosity.

In honour of the late George Carlin, I’ll reply by saying that this is a f*** load of motherf***ing s***, made by c***s and c*suckers. I hope the scammers go ts up, and stop p***ing us off.